Department of Asian Studies
Department of Asian Studies

Guest Speaker: Jos J.L. Gommans on "Indo-Dutch Entanglements in the Age of Rembrandt"

Thu, April 5, 2018 | GAR 4.100, UT Campus

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Guest Speaker: Jos J.L. Gommans on

"Indo-Dutch Entanglements in the Age of Rembrandt"
Jos J.L. Gommans, Chair of Colonial and Global History, University of Leiden (Netherlands)
Free and open to the public. RSVP:

The talk focuses on Prof. Gommans’ latest book The Unseen World: India and the Netherlands since 1550 (March 2018), which offers a connective, comparative and entangled perspective on the relations between the Netherlands and India during the seventeenth century. For India and the Netherlands, the seventeenth century was a golden age of unprecedented economic and cultural activity. Both countries were increasingly affected by globalization and developed vast empires. The ever-expanding scope of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) inevitably led to intensive interaction between them. As a direct result, Indian textiles unleashed a hidden revolution in Dutch consumer behavior, while the flow of VOC bullion into India contributed significantly to the stability of the country’s Mughal Empire. But there was more to this relationship than trade alone, because an ancient and forgotten undercurrent connected the regions, nourishing shared aspects of cultural and intellectual expression. This truly unique artistic dialogue became manifest in the work of painters such as Kesu Das in India and Rembrandt van Rijn in the Netherlands.

Sponsored by: The Institute for Historical Studies in the Department of History, Center for European Studies, and South Asia Institute

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