Department of Asian Studies
Department of Asian Studies

Academic Appointments (AI, TA, GRA)

Academic appointments in the Department of Asian Studies are awarded first to students admitted to the Department of Asian Studies graduate program.  TA/AI positions awarded to students outside of the department are rare.  TA applications are kept on file and, if additional postions are available, students who meet the requirements for specific openings will be contacted.

All employment matters are handled by the Office Manager.  Students appointed by the department are expected to complete required paperwork, turn in required documents, and complete on-line compliance training in a timely fashion.  Students in academic appointments should also expect to complete the online module for FERPA training.  International students are expected to maintain appropriate Visa status and keep their visas up-to-date, and to complete the International Teaching Assistance Certification program and TA/AI Orientation offered by the English as a Second Language office.

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Policies, Rules, and Conditions

The University of Texas Board of Regents Rules and Regulations

The University of Texas at Austin Handbook of Operating Procedures  Direct link to the policy for Teaching Assistants, Assistant Instructors, Graduate Research Assistants, and Academic Assistants, Assistants, and Tutors.

Office of Graduate Studies Academic Student Employment:

Office of Graduate Studies Conditions for Student Employment:

14-Semester rule (Office of Graduate Studies page).  Please contact the Graduate Coordinator during your 11th semester of employment to discuss the 12th semester requirement in the 14-semester rule.

Employment Requirements and Training

New Student Employee Checklist:

International Teaching Assistants (ITA) English Certification Program:

Compliance Training:

The Role of TA's and AI's (Office of Graduate Studies Page)

General Information for Student Employees, including important dates for Fall 2012:

Tuition and Tuition Assistance Benefit

Tuition Assistance:

UT Direct Tuition Bill Waivers:

Insurance and Other Benefits

Insurance and Benefits for Student Employess (HR site):

International Office Student Insurance Waiver Information:

Pay and Benefits for Academic Employees (OGS site):

Student Health Insurance:


Student Employment FAQ:

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