Department of Asian Studies
Department of Asian Studies

Sample Degree Plan for a Japan PhD Student (Literature and Gender Studies)

Major Area of Specialization: Japanese Literature/Gender Studies

  • Readings in Japanese
  • Gender and Power in Japanese Society
  • Reading Japanese Literature
  • The Practice and Theory of Censorship
  • Feminist Ethnography

Minor Area of Specialization: Japanese Religion

  • Religion and Ritual in Japan
  • Readings in the History and Practice of Japanese Religion
  • Zen Art

Theory and Methodology

  • Theories of Literary Criticism
  • Feminist Theory

Research Language

  • French for Graduate Students

Other Course Work

  • Core Readings in Japanese Studies - NOTE: This course is required of all Japan program students
  • Third Year Korean I
  • Third Year Korean II
  • Civil Society in East Asia
  • Women and Gender in China