Department of Asian Studies
Department of Asian Studies

Sample Degree Plan for a Korea PhD Student

Required Core Course

  • Proseminar in Asian Studies

Major Area of Specialization: Korean Society in Regional Context

  • Space and Place-Making in East Asia
  • Anthropology of East Asia
  • Frames of Korean Studies
  • Gender in East Asia
  • Ethnography of Global Asia
  • Korean Language (as necessary)

Minor Area of Specialization: Gender, Power, and the State

  • Feminist Theory
  • Religion, Health, and Illness
  • History of Sex/Gender in Japan

Theory and Methodology

  • Narratives of Space
  • Media and Diaspora

Research Language

  • Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Russian, or others as appropriate

Other Course Work

  • Visual Evidence in Modern China
  • Material Texts, Material Histories
  • New Perspectives on Modern Chinese History
  • Academic Writing in Asian Studies