Department of Asian Studies
Department of Asian Studies


The Department of Asian Studies offers Hindi courses at a sequence of levels from elementary to advanced.  While fuller details are given in the individual syllabi, the overall curriculum is as described below.

Note that courses HIN 506-507, HIN 604-612, and HIN 118 focus on language acquisition, rather than the study of literature — though literature and media of many kinds will feature in their materials.  The HIN 506-507 and HIN 604-612 sequences give a balanced emphasis on the ‘four skills‘ — listening, speaking, reading, and writing. HIN 330 courses have a more text-based approach. 

The special curriculum of the Hindi Urdu Flagship may be viewed here:


HIN 506 (fall), HIN 507 (spring)  First-Year Hindi

These 5-hour courses are designed for beginners who have no previous knowledge of Hindi or its script. Students who successfully complete HIN 507 may proceed to the second-year sequence HIN 312K and 312L, described below. 

HIN 604  (fall) + HIN 612 (spring) Accelerated  First-Year Hindi 

These 6-hour courses are designed for students with a background in spoken Hindi; literacy skills are not a prerequisite, and will be taught in the classes. Students who can already follow and take part in a  simple Hindi conversation belong in this course sequence, and not in HIN 506-507.  Students who successfully complete HIN 612 may proceed to HIN 330 courses; they may not proceed to HIN 312KL-HIN 312L.

Students who are unsure about whether they belong in the HIN 506/507 or HIN 604/612 track should consult Professor Gautami Shah ( for appropriate placement.

HIN 118  (normally fall)   Practice in Spoken Hindi

This mid-intermediate level, one-credit course meets for two hours. It is typically taken in parallel with HIN 604 or HIN 312K, but may also be taken independently.

HIN 312K  (fall) + HIN 312L (spring)  Second-Year Hindi

This high-intermediate level course is for students who have successfully completed the HIN 506-507 sequence, or who can demonstrate equivalent knowledge (including literacy).  It prepares students for the study of literature in the various HIN 330 courses shown below.

HIN 330/384 courses  (the 384 variant is for graduate students, and has augmented coursework).

Various different 3-hour courses exist under this heading; they may be repeated for credit when the topics vary. Consult the course catalogue for availability.  Two examples are:

  • HIN 330/384: Style & Register in Hindi — a course in all four of the language skills, based on the study and emulation of Hindi styles in a wide range of written texts and other media.
  • HIN 330/384: Autobiography in Hindi — reading and Hindi-medium discussion of extensive selections from autobiographical writing.