Department of Asian Studies
Department of Asian Studies

New China Maymester Course Offered

Sat, January 1, 2005

What is the nature of the Sino-American relationship? What are the main sources of tension and competition? How do the Chinese view US ambitions in Asia? What steps might be taken now to foster greater understanding and cooperation in the future? The Beijing Maymester will take up these important questions about the character and direction of US-China relations. Students will learn how the relationship has evolved over the past half-century, starting with the 1949 Chinese revolution through efforts by Mao and Nixon and their successors to normalize relations in the 1970s, and conclude by considering how globalization, September 11th, and the "war on terrorism" have affected the relationship. The course will help students gain a greater appreciation of how Washington and Beijing make foreign policy and more generally, how great powers define their interests in world politics.

Courses like this are often taught from an American perspective, and Prof. Trubowitz, an expert on US foreign policy, will certainly cover the America side of the equation. But students who travel to Beijing to take this course will also have a rare opportunity to learn how Chinese intellectuals and policy-analysts understand the evolving Sino-American relationship. Scholars from China's top universities, as well as policy analysts who work at "think tanks" in Beijing, will be invited to address the class. Additionally, we will take course-related excursions in and around Beijing plus a three-day study trip to Shanghai. Tsinghua University is an outstanding venue for a course of this nature. Nestled among several former royal gardens of the Qing Dynasty and surrounded by historical sites, Tsinghua is located in the northwest corner of Beijing : the high-tech, university district called Haidian. Known as the a^?oeMIT of China,a^?? Tsinghua boasts a distinguished faculty and an outstanding student body. The campus is beautifully maintained and offers many amenities, including libraries, sport facilities, and restaurants. Students will be housed in a brand new dormitory facility on campus. Visit the Tsinghua University website for photos of Tsinghua and additional information about campus life.

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