Department of Asian Studies
Department of Asian Studies

Graduate Research Trip to Pune, India, Will Focus on Archival and Manuscript Research

Tue, April 25, 2006

The Dean of Liberal Arts has given a grant to Professor Patrick Olivelle to lead a group of eight graduate students to Pune, India, May 14-25, 2006, to introduce them to archival and manuscript research. Students participating in this program are ELLIOTT MCCARTER, MATTHEW SAYERS, NEIL DALAL, NIKOLA RAJIC, DAVID BRICK, MARK MCCLISH, JUSTIN FIFIELD, AND PETER KNAPCZYK.

The group will work principally at the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, one of the premier Sanskrit research centers in India with one of the largest Sanskrit manuscript collections. The staff of the Institute will lead a program that will introduce students to the production of manuscripts in ancient and medieval India, to the various scripts in which manuscripts are written, to their collection and preservation in modern archives, to the methods of reading and collating manuscripts, and to the principles of critical edition. Students will be given hands- on experience in handling, reading, and collating manuscripts.

The group will also visit other important archives located in Pune, including the Deccan College, Bharatiya Itihasa Samsodhana Mandala, Vaidika Samsodhana Mandala, and the Anandasrama.

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