Department of Asian Studies
Department of Asian Studies

Asian Studies Spring Festival 2007!

Fri, April 13, 2007

The following students received awards at the Spring Festival:

  • Asian Studies Scholarship for Study Abroad: Daniel Friedman, Kate Page- Lippsmeyer, James Cho, Thomas Patterson
  • China Endowment Study Abroad Scholarship: Connie Loh, James Hudson
  • Mitsubishi Study Abroad Scholarship: Ariel Angelotti
  • POSCO: Hwalwon Cho, Bryan Turnbough
  • Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Scholarship: Natasha Raheja
  • Louise J. Faurot Memorial Scholarship: Melissa Langley
  • Outstanding Chinese Language Student: Henry Fuentes, Hyo Chan Ju
  • Outstanding Korean Language Students: Bryan Turnbough, Lili Ngo, Wayne Philip Weiss
  • Korean Studies Essay Contest:
  • Best All Around Japanese Studies Student: Holly Olson
  • Outstanding Japanese Language Students: Roger Chen, Yi-Hsiu Liang, Jess Robinson
  • Fulbright Teaching Assistants: Zahida Sharmin, Keerti Nair, Zaheer Iqbal
  • Asian Studies Logo Contest Winner: Matt Sayers
  • Outstanding TA and AI: Linda Takamine and Matt Sayers
  • Graduate Student Professional Development Award: Yoshihiro Mochizuki, Kristen Rudisill, Nathan Tabor
  • Summer FLAS: Brian Boitmann, Alex Dodson, Hyojin Han, Amy Hyne, Daniel Majchrowicz, Elliott McCarter, Suzanne Schulz
  • FLAS: Cary Curtiss, Alex Dodson, Peter Knapczyk, Daniel Majchrowicz, Cristin McKnight, Sanvita Sample, Raja Swamy, Nathan Tabor, Ian Woolford
  • South Asia Graduate Fellowship: Urmila Patil
  • POSCO Graduate Research Fellowship: Emily Anderson, Hyunjin Kim, Hyunjung Lee, Hyeyoung Woo
  • Mitsubishi Graduate Research Fellowship: Emi Nagai, Mike Roemer, Isao Takei
  • Continuing Fellowship: Dave Brick, Neil Dalal, Matt Sayers
  • University Fellowship: Ian Woolford

We would like to thank the University Co-op, Amy's Ice Cream, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, and Ms. Jeannie Cortez for their generous donation of door prizes for our students.

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