Department of Asian Studies
Department of Asian Studies

Asian Studies Faculty John Traphagan Publishes Articles in "The Diplomat"

Thu, February 7, 2013
Asian Studies Faculty John Traphagan Publishes Articles in
John Traphagan

Associate Professor John Traphagan has contributed several articles about Japanese political, economic, and social affairs while serving as a guest editor for The Diplomat   

His article on population decline in Japan, “Japan’s Demographic Disaster” earned a spot as a feature on the front page.

The Diplomat is the premier international current-affairs magazine for the Asia-Pacific region. Since its launch in 2002, it has been dedicated to quality analysis and commentary on events occurring in Asia and around the world. Now published exclusively online, The Diplomat reaches an influential audience of commentators, policymakers and academics with its in-depth treatment of regional issues.


Some of his other articles can be found at the following links:

John Traphagan is Associate Professor of Asian Studies and Religious Studies.  He is the author of Taming Oblivion: Aging Bodies and the Fear of Senility in Japan (2000) and The Practice of Concern: Ritual, Well-Being, and Aging in Rural Japan(2004).  His most recent edited volume, Imagined Families, Lived Families: Culture and Kinship in Contemporary Japan(with Akiko Hashimoto, 2008), explores the cultural and demographic transformations affecting the modern Japanese family from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.
Dr. Traphagan teaches courses on religion in East Asia, anthropology and religion, and ethics and medical anthropology.  These include “Japanese Religion and Society,” “Biomedicine, Ethics, and Culture,” and “Sport, Religion and Society.”
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