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Department of Asian Studies
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Photo of Lucy Enniss

Lucy Enniss

Manager |
WCH 4.134B | 512-475-6025 |
Currently working remotely

Faith Hanley

Administrative Associate |
WCH 4.134 | (512) 471-5811 |
Currently working remotely

Nikola Rajic

Senior Academic Advisor - Undergraduate |
512-475-6027 | WCH 4.128 |
book appointment on-line at | EID required for all student communications

Shelby Oxenford

Graduate Coordinator |
512-475-6011 |
WCH 4.116 | Currently working remotely

Photo of Courtney Trammell

Courtney Trammell

Administrative Associate |
WCH 4.126 | 512-475-6030 |
Currently working remotely

Kelcie Tisher

Staff Course Management Services



Until further notice, the administrative staff continues to work remotely with these on-campus exceptions: 

Department Manager Lucy Enniss:  Tuesday 11:30AM to 1:30PM and by appointment.  Please email to schedule an appointment.

Administrative Associate Faith Hanley:  Thursdays 11:30AM to 1:30PM. 

Administrative Assoicate Courtney Trammell; Graduate Coordinator Shelby Oxenford; and Undergraduate Senior Academic Advisor Nikola Rajic are working remotely and can be contacted via email.