First Amendment Studies

First Amendment Studies


Stemming from an interest in intellectual freedom, Professor Smith organizes various activities for students and scholars concerning freedom of speech and the First Amendment, more broadly. For several years, she sponsored the Dialogues on Free Speech series, which presented public panels of speakers of diverse viewpoints and expertise (law, journalism, etc.) to address particular free speech controversies (such as inflammatory speech, political speech and campaign finance, and religious expression). She has also hosted stand-alone lectures by several visitors.


Smith organizes the annual Free Speech Essay Contest for UT Undergrads (co-sponsored by the Philosophy Department), and has recently partnered with the Plan II Honors Program to launch a First Amendment Scholars Program (FASP), bringing together select students and faculty from around the university for ongoing discussions of First Amendment issues. A cornerstone of this program is a public address by a visiting speaker, followed by a private seminar for FASP students with the speaker.


Smith has organized several workshops for academics and related professionals for discussion of First Amendment questions; some of her recent publications and teaching also concern these issues. 

Organizations Related to the First Amendment

A listing of some organizations devoted to different aspects of the First Amendment.

Note: These organizations are listed merely to provide a convenient reference point for those interested in further research. Inclusion does not represent endorsement of the activities or positions advocated by any of these groups.

First Amendment Scholar Program - FASP

Free Speech Essay Contest

Free Speech Dialogues