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Primary Documents

Anglo-American Legal Tradition


Collection of legal documents from the UK National Archives displayed by the O’Quinn Law Library at the University of Houston.


British History Online


Institute of Historical Research site that contains primary and secondary source text from the medieval to modern periods.


Charles Booth Online Archive


Searchable collection of Booth archive at London School of Economics.


Convict Transportation Registers Database - State Library of Queensland


British Home Office database of convicts transported to Australia.


Darwin Correspondence Project


Digitized versions of over 6,000 letters from Charles Darwin’s collection.


Domesday Book Online


Digitized version of survey initiated by William the Conqueror.


Early English Books Online


Over 100,000 digitized books from medieval and early modern England.


Geoffrey Chaucer Online: The Electronic Canterbury Tales


Online collection of Chaucer’s writings.


Hansard - Parliamentary reports online (1803-2005)


Official reports of debates in the Houses of Parliament.


Internet Medieval Sourcebook


Online collection of primary sources from medieval Europe for use in teaching.


Internet Modern History Sourcebook


Online collection of primary sources from modern Europe and America for use in teaching.


Nineteenth-Century Serials Online


Facsimile and search options for several periodicals including Unitarian Chronicle and English Woman’s Journal.


The Penny Magazine


Publication of the Society for Diffusion of Useful Knowledge aimed at the working class during the 1830s.


Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913


Online collection of proceedings from London court. 


UK Press Online

Archive page for British tabloids, including the Daily Express, Daily Mirror and Daily Star. 

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