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John Spurling on 'Sir Edmund Gibson and the British Raj’

John Spurling LONDON

Fri, February 22, 2013 | Tom Lea Rooms, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center 3.206

2:45 PM - 4:30 PM

 Sir Edmund Gibson joined the Indian Civil Service in 1910.  He rose gradually in rank and transferred to the Political Service, working as the Indian Government's liaison and overseer with many Indian princes.   Extracts from his diaries and letters convey what it was like to be part of the ‘machine’ that ran this vast imperial territory in the period leading towards its independence.  We re-enter the past and look over the shoulder of one of the rulers of an extraordinary and increasingly tempestuous empire.    


John Spurling (Sir Edmund's great-nephew) is a playwright, critic, and novelist.   After graduating from St. John’s College, Oxford, he helped administer a UNPlebiscite in the Southern Cameroons.  His first novel, The Ragged End, was partly based on this experience, while his 30-odd plays include a trilogy on the British Empire.  His most recent novel, A Book of Liszts, was published in 2011.

Sponsored by: Faculty Seminar on British Studies

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