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‘Money, Power, Politics—and British Studies—at UT’

William S. Cunningham

Fri, January 17, 2014 | Tom Lea Rooms, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center 3.206

2:45 PM - 4:30 PM

Bill Cunningham served for seven years as President of UT (1985-1992) and eight years as Chancellor (1993-2000). Some of the major issues he faced were affirmative action, fraternity hazing, Apartheid, and divestment protests. Yet he also found time to help sponsor British Studies. Among the prominent figures in his recently-published memoir is Dean Robert King, one of the original founders of British Studies and, in the view of Bill Cunningham, a reformist and effective Dean.
Born in Detroit in 1944, Bill Cunningham took his B.A., M.B.A. and Ph.D. from Michigan State. He became a member of the UT faculty in 1971. He served as Dean of the College of Business Administration (1982-1985) before becoming President and later Chancellor.  At present he is Professor of Marketing Administration, Red McCombs School of Business. He has served on many boards of directors including Southwest Airlines. He has recently stated on a point of present day controversy: ‘There seems to be some disagreement among the regents about the fundamental mission of UT as a major internationally prominent research university. Fortunately, a number of them understand that UT is a large, complex organization, and they are willing to listen carefully to campus and system officials before they make decisions.’

Sponsored by: Faculty Seminar on British Studies

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