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Hamlet, always one of Shakespeare's most popular plays, has been continually reinvented on the stage. Hamlet anticipates the enduring relevance of the play when he speaks of the Players as the chroniclers of the time who 'hold the mirror up to nature'. Hamlet remains an inexhaustible text in part because of its own concern with interpretation and the ambiguity of human speech and action. Hamlet himself has been the focus of centuries of intense speculation, daring actors, audiences, and criti

Fri, October 6, 2006 | Tom Lea rooms, HRC 3.206

3:00 PM

James Loehlin is Associate Professor of English and Director of the Shakespeare at Winedale program. Each summer he takes students into the Texas countryside, to the Winedale Historical Center, to study and perform three Shakespeare plays. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Shakespeare and modern drama, and has written on Shakespeare and Chekhov. In 2005 he won the Chad Oliver Teaching Award in Plan II and a President's Associates Teaching Award.

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