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It is wrong to regard imperialism as an important part of British domestic culture and society. Whatever the British Empire represented to the world at large, a majority of Britons had only vague ideas about empire, if any, for most of the nineteenth century. Around 1900, the Empire burst into the public perception in a way that made many Britons uneasy. Many opposed imperial expansion and the Boer War.

When the British came under serious pressure to decolonize in the mid-twentieth

Fri, January 19, 2007 | Tom Lea rooms, HRC 3.206

3:00 PM

Bernard Porter's The Absent-Minded Imperialists (2004) was awarded the Maurice D. Forkosch Prize of the American Historical Association. His other books include Critics of Empire (1968) and The Lion's Share: A Short History of British Imperialism 1850-1995 (3rd edn., 1996).

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