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The friendship of Wordsworth and Coleridge produced a collaboration generally acknowledged to have inspired the Romantic Movement in England-yet it ended in acrimony and disappointment. This creates an enduring biographical conundrum: interpreting either of the two men sympathetically almost inevitably means showing the other in a bad light.

Though there have been excellent biographies of each, biographical writing has been bedeviled by partisanship. 'Why do people have to like Word

Fri, March 2, 2007 | Tom Lea rooms, HRC 3.206

3:00 PM

Adam Sisman is the author of A. J. P. Taylor (1994) and Boswell's Presumptuous Task: The Making of the Life of Dr. Johnson (2000), which was awarded the National Book Critics Circle Award for biography. The Friendship: Wordsworth and Coleridge is to be published in March 2007.

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