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It seems the special relationship between Britain and the United States requires re-evaluation every time there is a change in leadership in either country or whenever there are major strains over particular political issues-Iraq, for example. Mark Oaten will look back at the evolution of the relationship between America and Britain over the last half century. What have been its characteristics from Roosevelt and Churchill to Bush and Blair? What was its low point? Suez? What was its high po

Fri, October 5, 2007 | Tom Lea rooms, HRC 3.206

3:00 PM

A Liberal Democrat, Mark Oaten has represented Winchester since 1997. In the May 1997 general election, Oaten won the Winchester constituency by a mere two votes. Consequently, the result was declared invalid and in a special by-election, held in November 1997, he convincingly won the seat with a majority of 21,556. Oaten was Chairman of the Liberal Democrats for two years (2001-03) and Shadow Home Secretary for two years (2003-06). He is the chief party spokesman on terrorism, immigration, police, and prison reform. He is the author of Coalition: The Politics and Personalities of Coalition Government (2007).

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