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The 32 love-lyrics, known as the Harley Lyrics, have long been recognized for their excellence. Many scholars regard them as the finest literature in English between Beowulf and the Age of Chaucer. Yet fewer and fewer critics deal with the Harley Lyrics, in part because their language is difficult to render but also because they have proven resistant to the historical practices long dominant in literary medievalism. No one knows how a cosmopolitan school of vernacular poetry came suddenly to f

Fri, October 12, 2007 | Tom Lea rooms, HRC 3.206

3:00 PM

Daniel Birkholz is Assistant Professor of English. He received his B.A. from Carleton College, his M.A. from the University of Toronto, and his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. His first book, The King's Two Maps: Cartography and Culture in Thirteenth-Century England (2004), was awarded the Nebenzahl Prize. He is now at work on a book that melds medieval literary study and cartographic analysis with documentary biography and historical reconstruction: We Have to Invent Him: Harley Lyrics, Hereford Maps, and the Life of Roger de Breynton, c.1300-1351.

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