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Fri, November 9, 2007 | Follett's Intellectual Property Bookstore, 24th and Guadalupe

3:00 PM

The meeting on Friday November 9 will be a book launch for the next Britannia volume, which is entitled Penultimate Adventures with Britannia. The Britannia series thus appears to be reaching a dramatic point. It began with Adventures with Britannia (1995), followed by More Adventures with Britannia (1998), Still More Adventures with Britannia (2003), and Yet More Adventures with Britannia (2005).

This will cause a certain tension with future titles. After Ultimate Adventures with Britannia, what next? Post-Ultimate Adventures with Britannia?

The book launch for Penultimate Adventures with Britannia will be accompanied by wine and a brass band, and with the announcement of the new Junior Fellows for 2007-2008.

This is an important occasion, a celebration, in the history of British Studies. Please try to attend.

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