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Winston Churchill's commitment to the cause of Zionism was one of the constant loyalties of his long career-or was it? His attachment to Zionism was something all Israelis and friends of Israel can cite with pride-or was it? On closer examination, the story of Churchill and Zionism is not as simple as Churchillian (and Zionist) enthusiasts have sometimes suggested, and the terms in which he did express his support for a Jewish state were not only anachronistic at the time but may indirectly ex

Fri, October 24, 2008 | Tom Lea Rooms, HRC 3.206

3:00 PM

Geoffrey Wheatcroft is an English journalist and author, a former literary editor of the Spectator who now writes for the Guardian and the Times Literary Supplement as well as the New York Times and the New York Review of Books. His books include The Strange Death of Tory England, the short polemic Yo, Blair!, and The Controversy of Zion: Jewish Nationalism, the Jewish State and the Unresolved Jewish Dilemma, which won the American National Jewish Book Award. He is now writing a study of Winston Churchill's reputation during his life and afterwards.

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