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Albert Lewis

In the late 1960s Bertrand Russell decided to sell his rich collection of books, letters, manuscripts, and memorabilia, reflecting many aspects of his long and illustrious life. The Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin was a prospective buyer, but McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, captured the papers. Plans were started at McMaster in 1969 for a scholarly edition, The Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell. Albert Lewis will discuss the history of the project as

Fri, February 13, 2009 | Tom Lea Rooms, HRC 3.206

3:00 PM

In the late 1960s Albert Lewis was working toward his Ph.D. in history of mathematics at the University of Texas. Subsequently he was curator of history of science at the HRC. From 1984 until 1997 he worked on the team of the Russell Editorial Project at McMaster. This was followed by eleven years on the Charles S. Peirce editorial project at Indiana University. He is now in Austin working on the Legacy of R. L. Moore Project in the Educational Advancement Foundation.

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