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R. J. Q. Adams

Fri, March 27, 2009 | Tom Lea Rooms, HRC 3.206

3:00 PM

The original plan for this seminar session was to have a debate between Ferdinand Mount, the former editor of the TLS, and R. J. Q. Adams, whose recent and acclaimed book on Balfour has stimulated a most interesting range of critical response. Sir Ferdinand will not be able to attend, but an excerpt from his review of the book will be read-to give Quince Adams an opportunity to respond to his critics and to reflect on the art of historical biography.

Balfour was one of the remarkable political figures of the twentieth century, Prime Minister 1902-06 and the author of the two declarations bearing his name, the Balfour Declaration of 1917 promising British support of a Jewish national home in Palestine and the Balfour Declaration of 1926 setting the basis for the British Commonwealth of Nations.

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