College of Liberal Arts

Conference Recommendations


  • Prepare a preliminary budget. Forecast revenue and expenditure based on participation numbers, including considerations for sales tax (income and expense) as well as gratuity owed for meal events.
  • Find out last conference's occasion including dates, host, website, events, attendance, and hotel room booking and occupancy counts.
  • Consult with Dean's Office with prior planning, contract negotiations, online store, and website needs.
  • Disclose all non-university sponsors of the conference, including membership organizations or professional associations.
  • Disclose student participation, ages, fees and payments.
  • Disclose all contractual agreements.
  • Comply with University procedures regarding accounting transactions, sales tax, payments to speakers, cash handling, and Internal Audit guidelines.
  • Allow plenty of time to produce the website.
  • Establish refund policy for conference sales.
  • Take care in scheduling events during peak hotel and Austin seasonal events.
  • When arranging transportation vehicles, abide by university guidelines regarding minors, and vehicle capacity.
  • Use separation of duties guidelines for cash handling, account reconciliation, and expenses.
  • Comply with University policies regarding alcohol sales on campus. The general rule is that alcohol may not be served or consumed on campus, unless it is at a special event approved by the Office of the President. To request an exception to be able to serve alcohol at a special event, contact the Provost's Office to begin the application process.
  • Consider the 3.25% monthly incurred on 19 accounts.


  • Do not sign any contracts or agreements. Business contracts and service agreements must be routed to the Office of Vice President and Chief Financial officer for signature.
  • Do not sign hotel contracts. Hotel contracts valued at $50,000 or less must be routed to Contract Administrator and Faculty Leave Liaison Destin Ray Smith for signature.
  • Do not handle cash, check, or credit card payments without complying with University guidelines for cash handling.

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