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Ideas of Texas Launch

Monday Nov 2, 2009

The Ideas of Texas

Dear Faculty and Staff Members,

Today we are launching a new program for UT Austin faculty and staff to promote creative problem-solving on the campus.  The Ideas of Texas will give each of you an opportunity to contribute ideas to enhance teaching, research, and student life, increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve our effectiveness.  The Ideas of Texas allows you to share, review, and vote on ideas to advance our mission.

In these challenging times, when we must do more with fewer resources, sharing good ideas is invaluable.  I encourage you to visit the Ideas of Texas site.  At the end of the spring semester, the colleges and administration will consider the top ranked ideas for implementation.  I look forward to recognizing—and celebrating—all ideas that are implemented.

Our community includes some of the world's most gifted, innovative, and dedicated employees.  I'm confident that we will all be impressed by our collective ability to contribute outstanding ideas to make The University of Texas at Austin an even better place to serve our students and the world at large.

Bill Powers

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