College of Liberal Arts

Cash Handling

All employees, whose duties include cash handling, are required to take the Cashier Training (formerly known as CW 505) in UT Learn.   

Checks should be reviewed, endorsed, and logged immediately upon receipt per HBP guidelines.  

All cash should be inspected for authenticity and per HBP guidelines

When accepting cash and checks you must provide the customer with a serial-numbered receipt and keep a copy for your records.  Cash and checks must be kept in a secure/locked location. For security purposes, deposits should be made daily, if they total $500 or more and weekly if less than $500.

All units must follow University guidelines for Records Retention related to "Cash Receipts and Related Records."  

  • Bursar (Cashier) Services,  512-475-7777
  • Cash Management,  512-232-5733
  • Gifts received, Melissa Misselhorn, 512-471-8861
  • All gifts should be processed through Development.  If your department receives a gift, please contact: Melissa Misselhorn for processing.
  • It is highly recommended that you make a photocopy of each check received and doing the same for any cash could be beneficial in the event of a loss.
  • All cash and check deposits from the sale of goods and services must follow University guidelines for handling and depositing sales tax.


Last Modified: 7 November 2019