College of Liberal Arts

Cash Advance

General Requirements

  • All requests must be submitted on department letterhead.
  • All cash advance requests must be processed by the Department’s administrative staff.
  • The request must be signed by the Department Chair/Director or, if they are unavailable, the department may substitute the department’s authorized signer as listed in *DEFINE.
  • Request should include a line for the Chief Business Officer's signature.
  • If the account belongs to the VP Research office or another UT office (not CoLA), please provide a line for that signature. The Dean’s office will route the request to that office once approved/signed by the Chief Business Officer.
  • All cash advance requests must be sent directly to the Chief Business Officer in the Dean’s office (GEB 3.306) for review and approval. In order to indicate this is a Cash Advance, please submit your request in a red folder.
  • Person receiving the advance must be appointed during the dates the funds will be used.
  • Account(s) must have sufficient funds available to cover the amount of the request.
  • The cash advance request must include the recipient’s name as it appears on their appointment and their UT EID.
  • Must be submitted to Dean’s office a minimum of one week prior to the requested pick up date/when funds are needed.
  • If the request is a RUSH, the department administrative contact must CALL Jeremy Harmon with the Office of Accounting @: 512-471-1810 to alert him that it is on the way. ***there is no guarantee on RUSH REQUESTS.
  • The minimum amount for any cash advance is $100.

How it Works

Cash Advances for Research

Cash Advances for Travel

  • Requests made for travel purposes must include the RTA number as well as the doc ids which must have final approval.
  • The RTA cover sheet(s) will be printed in the Dean’s office.
  • If the document is for foreign travel on state funds, the department must attach a copy of the voucher cover sheet signed by the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts.
  • The account number(s) on the request must match the accounts listed on the approved RTA (VE5 or VE6) for all travel expenses.
  • Requests for travel must explain why the traveler doesn’t have or will not be using a travel credit card.
  • Please provide a breakdown of how the funds will be used (i.e. lodging, meals, transportation, etc.) these amounts must adhere to the CoLA and UT Office of Accounting travel policy.
  • If the request includes funds to be used in payments to individuals for services or travel expenses, the approved APS/AIS paperwork must be attached.
  • The dates listed on the Cash Advance Request must match the dates of the RTA.


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Tips or FAQs

  • The Multiple Participant Form should always be accompanied by the Summary Reconciliation Sheet.
  • Exception to appointment policy: If a faculty member is requesting a cash advance during the summer months, but is not appointed for the period of the request, the departmental contact who processes appointment docs must sign and attach a letter on department letterhead confirming the faculty will be reappointed in the Fall.
  • It is okay to cross fiscal years as there is not a restriction of fiscal year as long as the account is open.
  • If the travel expenses exceed the original cash advance, a separate VP2 document will be processed, by accounting,  to reimburse the additional amount.
  • If a cash advance is approved for travel, the department should include only the Cash Advance for Travel Reconciliation form.  All receipts related to the travel should be attached to the reconciliation.

Last Modified: 13 February 2018