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Effective immediately, the college will begin handling classified salary budgets differently. For
several years, the college lapsed funds from the units when someone in a budgeted line departed, and
the person hired to replace the departing staff was paid less than the person leaving. We then
redistributed those funds to units when additional funds were needed for reclassifications, or
because the person being hired was paid a rate higher than the person leaving.

Henceforth, all units will retain (or fund) any differences due to salary differences when filling or
reclassifying a position. If funds are released by virtue of the fact that you are paying someone less
than the previously budgeted rate, you can increase your wages budget by that amount. Likewise,
you will need to reduce your wages budget if additional funds are required because you are paying
someone more than the budgeted rate, or because you are increasing someone’s rate due to a
reclassification, an additional duties increase, or are awarding funds as a merit increase that is more
than your merit pool allows.

The college will also begin (with the 2009‐10 BDL) basing classified merit pools on the total
budgeted amount in classified salaries and wages from the previous year (2008‐09 BDL amounts
plus the additional retention funds). Because we do not currently fund merit pools for wages
accounts, this will represent additional funds that you may distribute via the normal merit process,
reclassifications, or increased starting salaries. Funds used for these purposes must be recurring
budgeted funds, not one‐year balances. You will need to maintain a balance in your wages account
sufficient to meet your needs for hourly workers, and to meet your projected needs for the coming
year in the afore‐mentioned categories.

The process for requesting and justifying reclassifications, and posting rates remains the same. Any
salary offer in the 3rd or 4th quartile of the range will require prior approval from the Dean's Office
and HRS. To ensure equity across the college, the Dean's Office will continue to review requests for
reclassifications and posting rates. If such a request is not approved, the supervisor may request a
meeting with the Associate Dean for Business Affairs and the HR Director to discuss the request and
to seek an acceptable solution.

APPROVED: July 15, 2008


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