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Account Reconciliation/Certification

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  1. Each month you will receive a notification email, with an report of accounts that need to be certified/reconciled.
    • The report will have two columns, "LMM & Web."
    • Under each column header you will see either an "I, N, or C." Only the accounts with an "I" are incomplete and need attention.
  2. Web Certification Tools:
  3. Reconciliation in the LP6 Module:
    • In *DEFINE, enter LP6 in the command line then press enter twice. This will pull in all provisional transactions under your current desk/view.
    • You can review/accept each line individually or perform a Full Page Action.
  4. Check your work.
    • Use the LR4 screen to check individual account balances. This will give you both the Accounting and Departmental balances and highlight any differences.
    • To check your web certification, you can check the Account Balances page


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Tips or FAQs

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  • CA3: A useful tool to locate missing transactions is the CA3 command. You will enter the account number to find out which unit code it resides in. Once you know this, review the Desk/View combinations you have available to find the one that will give you access to the transactions in this unit code.
  • OHS Contact System (UT EID) To update your ledger sheet contact.

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Last Modified: 18 October 2017