College of Liberal Arts

Signature Course Funding

Funding Model for the College of Liberal Arts

For 2019-20 and 2020-21:

  • Faculty Replacement Costs: $13,260 in faculty replacement costs will be provided to the department for each faculty member receiving a full course release to teach a signature course. If a course is team taught, this amount will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Teaching Assistant Costs:For each UGS-303 course, $8,000 will be provided to the department for each TA based on the following ratios:
    • At least one TA for each 50 students for courses without the Writing Flag
    • At least one TA for each 30 students for courses with the Writing Flag or a Difficult Dialogues Course
  • Supplemental Signature Course Funds (formerly special course costs): UGS now coordinates this funding directly with faculty and departments.

Departments may use Signature Course funds for either non-tenure-track faculty salaries or teaching assistant/assistant instructor salaries. By provost ruling, in no case may these funds be used to enhance any tenured or tenure-track faculty salary directly. 




Last Modified: 11 October 2019