College of Liberal Arts

Signature Authorization Requests

How it Works

  1. Follow this link to the new Office of Accounting online form used to update manual signature authorizations:

  2. Route the paper form to the Dean’s Office, Attention Business Office.  The Dean’s Office staff will verify info and then take the form to the OA. (You may route it directly to OA if you prefer.)


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Tips or FAQs

  • Use the Signature Authorization Request Form as an opportunity to do general clean-up of the accounts(s) referenced. Look at GBS in *DEFINE to see who is listed as a signature authority, and use the form to remove any outdated names.
  • A single online Web form has replaced the old Signature Desk paper forms. The Web form will clearly explain who can sign requests so that delays in processing can be avoided. Once the Web form is completed, the process remains the same as it is now. Print and obtain the signature then fax or email it to the User Services Signature Desk.
  • To give someone authority for multiple sub-units, write the unit code plus “XXX” under “Unit/Budget Group” (e.g., “0085-XXX). Under “Title” write “All sub-units reporting to” and then your unit code and description (e.g., “0085-Dean of Liberal Arts”). To give authority for only one sub-unit, be sure to specify that particular budget code (e.g., “0085-011”).
  • Make sure that the signer of the Signature Authorization Request Form is the one listed in GG6 in *DEFINE as the authority for approving requests for your unit.  If your chair is gone, go up the chain to get the next authorizing signature.

Last Modified: 18 October 2017