College of Liberal Arts

Special Funding Requests

Process Overview-Using the New BFC system for SFR Requests

In short, the Lead Admin for the office will follow the following steps to submit a Special Funding Request in BFC system:

  • Step 1: Create the BFC document, specifying the amount and purpose for funding request
  • Step 2: Attach any helpful supporting documentation with the File upload section
  • Step 3: Route (approve by FYA) document to Chair/Director for approvals
  • Step 4: Once BFC document obtains final approval, the funds are distributed to the office in FRMS as a regular transfer document. If request is denied, the Dean's office will contact the preparer directly.

Note: The new BFC document has functional similarity with other documents in UTDIRECT like HRMS/FRMS for document routing and document notes. Contact John for technical assistance or with routing set up.

How it Works

Create New BFC Document

SFR Routing

Login to BFC-Commitment system and complete the following fields

  • Choose the appropriate Commitment Type: Most commonly used are : Programmatic Support, Student Support, Other
  • Purpose Summary field: short descriptive phrase/keywords about request (100 characters max ) (displays in list view). We suggest add your dept prefix as first word on line.
  • Purpose Detail: describe in more detail justifying the funding need, including specifying which accounts you would prefer funds placed, and/or details for any verbal or Dean's prior-approvals already agreed upon when submitting the request. We suggest starting with "$X,XXX amount for [reason] " in this line.
  • Requestor Unit Code: [Your Unit Code]
  • Choose Create All-In-One: button to save BFC: document.

General Information Section

  • Recipient Information questions: [complete these if appropriate]
  • Requestor Information: [complete UTEID field]
  • Review Information: [leave blank]
  • Attachments: Add PDF that details the Chair approval. For example copy of email. Alternatively, you can FYA the BFC document to chair for approvals.

Budget Items Section

Leave this section blank. Dean's office will complete if appropriate

Transfer Items Section

Choose Add Group Button

  • Choose Add Group Button
  • Fiscal Year: [choose year]
  • Group Type: [Choose applicable item, most common are "Fund Swap" and "Program Support"]
  • Description: (short description, one line)
  • Account Type: select "Account" from pulldown
  • Account From: [TBD]
  • Account To: [TBD]

Account Type Choices are: Account// Dean/VP // Institution

Approve Document Process

  • Choose Review and Approve button from top navigation bar.
  • Choose Approve Document button to approve document.
  • Alternatively choose the FYA action from the pulldown to send document to Chair/Director or another individual in your office for second approvals.

Important Tips!

  • The Dean's office prefers the Chair/Director to also approve BFC documents where office is requesting additional funds from the Dean.
  • The document attachments feature is handy, however when using this, remember that only one doc can be uploaded, so be sure to include a combined PDF file of supporting documents.
  • Unlike the SFR system, no courtesy emails are generated during the approval process, so users will check their UTDIRECT inbox to approve routing documents.
  • Offices are notified of approval or denial of BFC commitments by the completion of the related FRMS transfer documents directly.

Specific Examples

Request for Additional Funds

For this request, for the Transfer Items section, choose the following:

  • Account Type select "Account" item from pulldown.
  • Account From type TBD into field
  • Account To add either the specific account number desired or "TBD" for the account.

Request for Fund Swap

For Fund Swap request, for the Transfer Items section, choose the following:

  • Account Type select "Account" item from pulldown.
  • Account From enter your account number from which the Dean's office will take back funds from
  • Account To add either the specific account number desired or "TBD" for the account


Commitment Funding Records


Tips or FAQs

Commitment Type Choice Field:

All possible Commitment Types are:

  • NFPS - New Faculty Commitments
  • ADMN - Administrative Commitments
  • RETN - Retention
  • INST - Instructional Adjustments
  • BUDG - Budget Adjustments
  • PRGS - Programmatic Support
  • RSCH - Research
  • FCLY - Facility
  • SADJ - Salary Adjustment
  • STUD - Student Support
  • OTHR - Other

Last Modified: 18 October 2017