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The CLASP FileMaker database collects departmental financial data about funds released to the college through faculty leaves and separations, and funds requested for temporary faculty and AIs/ TAs.  Although this data is constantly being updated throughout the year, it provides the opportunity to see a snapshot of future projections and needs of the department at a certain point in time so that funding decisions can be made.

Soft money budget requests are submitted annually via the online database at the following link: required and Firefox is the preferred browser). 

The dean's current memo about soft money funding, and instructions for entering data into the CLASP database and for submitting additional soft money requests for the upcoming academic year, can be found in the database under the "Documents" tab once you login.

How it Works

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  1. The chair and departmental senior staff contact will receive an annual e-mail with instructions and login credentials to begin your data entry. A deadline date for completion will be issued at this time, if available.
  2. Departments will enter all required data in the CLASP database and complete additional proposals according to the dean's memo and the posted instructions by the deadline date. Certain information for the upcoming year may already be listed under some of the tabs, as it is made available to the Dean's Office. These entries should be verified for accuracy.
  3. Once you have completed your data input, submit the request to the Dean's Office by clicking the SUBMIT button. This informs us that you have completed your entries.
  4. After the deadline date, meetings will be scheduled with the Dean's Office, chair and senior staff to discuss your funding request and narrative documents if so required.
  5. The financial summary data for the college is reviewed by the Dean's Office, and funding will be distributed based on what is available to the college. In some cases, the approval amounts will be issued BEFORE you begin your data entry. These numbers are subject to change, pending review of the summary data.
  6. Once the approval amounts have been finalized, the Dean's Office staff will process transfer documents to fund your accounts.


Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.


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Tips or FAQs

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  • How do I receive CLASP training?
    Training for new staff can be arranged by contacting Business Affairs Finance Team
  • What are Excess Stipends?
    Excess stipends exist when Temporary Faculty are appointed for a higher FTE% than what is appropriate for their SCH teaching load. As a general rule for a 33% FTE appointment, the teaching load must be at least 3 SCH's. For a 67% FTE appointment, the teaching load must be at least 6 SCH's. For a 100% FTE appointment, the teaching load must be at least 9 SCH's. The amount of excess is calculated by subtracting the appropriate stipend amount from the actual requested stipend amount. Excess stipends are allowable in some instances, but will require a written explanation for each line.
  • Can I exchange approved funds between AI/TA and Temporary faculty accounts to cover a shortfall in one area?
    Yes, you can also transfer surplus funds in one area to the other.
  • Where do I see the approved Summer Budget allocation?
    By clicking the following link, select the "Approved$" tab at the far right. You will see individual tabs for Temporary Faculty, AI/TA, and Summer. Clicking each tab will display your approved allocation for each. This information is posted once it becomes available.
  • I did not receive 100% approval of my Temporary Faculty request. How do I know which line was not approved?
    PBIS requests are not approved line-by-line, but are based on what funding is available across the college. If the amount requested is larger than the amount approved, you will need to adjust your plans accordingly.
  • I have lost/forgotten my password to the CLASP system. How do I reset it?
    Please contact Business Affairs Finance Team to assist you with your password.

Last Modified: 8 October 2019