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FRMS Transfers

The Transfer System, a subsystem of FRMS, is a Web-based system used to process requests for transfer of funds (RTFs).
Historically, these transfers have been processed on *DEFINE VT1, VT2, VT3, and VT4 documents.

The Transfer System is found in FRMS under the Transfer tab:

FRMS greatly simplifies the procedure for transferring funds.

In short, you only need the accounts you want to transfer between, the amount to be moved, and the specific reason the transfer is needed.

The Transfer document automatically creates all transaction lines, adds object codes, and any intermediate income accounts needed to facilitate transfer, thus saving you a lot of time and unnecessary details!

This is a quick overview of the new process:

  • Create Transfer Document in UT Direct -FRMS system
  • Enter the Purpose and Comments
  • Add Transfer Groups (From/To Accounts)
  • View Generated Transactions
  • Document Review: Approve and Route

How It Works

Creating a Transfer:

Step 1: Create a Transfer Document

  • Go to the Create Transfer Document in UT Direct -FRMS.
  • Enter the Purpose.
  • Choose the radio button Transfer for non-sponsored funds for 14,19,20, and 30 account.
  • Choose the radio button Transfer for sponsored funds for 26 account.
  • Choose Create Transfer button to create the document.
  • Choose the Creator Desk and Effective Date.
  • Select “I agree” to certify that the transfer complies with budget transfer guidelines.

FRMS step1



Step 2: Update the General Section of document

  • Enter the Purpose field with brief (one line) purpose.
    Common examples include:
    "provide additional classified salaries funds"
    "provide research funds for (professor name)"
  • Enter Comments for additional information for WHY the transfer is needed and other information helpful to approvers. It’s not helpful to just restate which accounts (what the transfer is):
    Common examples include:

    Good: ”To provide funds for temporary appointment of work study"
    Bad:”Moving money from M&O to Wages”
  • Choose Save and Continue button to get to next section

FRMS step2



Step 3: Update the Transfer Groups section of document

  • Leave short description blank if only doing one transfer.
  • If combining multiple transfers into a single document, enter short description for each budget group transfer
  • Choose Add to enter Transfer Groups (From/To Account)
  • Enter Amount for transfer
  • Choose Save to complete this individual transaction
  • Choose Add a Transfer Group only if combining more transfers in this same document.
  • For example if you’re moving money from 50 subaccount into both the salary sub and the fringe subaccount, you’ll have two transfer group “line items” in your transfer document
  • Choose the Save button on right above these line items to verify transactions and display any errors.
  • Choose Edit Group to make further changes to this line item

FRMS step3

Step 4: (optional) Choose the Transfers document section in left navigation menu bar to view the generated transactions.


FRMS step4



Step 5: Choose Document Review section in left navigation menu bar to approve and route the document.


FRMS step5



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