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Annual Assessment for SACS Accreditation

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The TracDat system manages the annual assessment process for The University of Texas at Austin in support of SACS accreditation. The system aids in the process of continuous improvement at the University, as well as allows the University to demonstrate explicit compliance with SACS requirement of Institutional Effectiveness. The TracDat system provides a means for academic units to document their assessment process in a centralized location with users being able to access the system through password administration. 

TracDat is available throughout the year and can be updated as information becomes available.  Data should be entered regularly as program outcomes are completed.

How It Works

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  • Contact Jes St. Lawrence to request TracDat authorization.  Provide the name, EID, and e-mail address of the person to be authorized.  You may also contact Hannah McKenna if Jes is unavailable.
  • SACS Accreditation is under the purview of Dr. Neal Armstrong, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and SACS Accreditation Liaison.


  • The 2010-2011 compliance deadline is September 30, 2012.
  • Future deadlines may vary, but assessment compliance will be required annually.  Future deadlines will be determined by Dr. Neal Armstrong, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and SACS Accreditation Liaison.


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TracDat Website

  • Additional materials, including previous assessment plans imported from the OATS system, are available in the Documents section of the TracDat website.

Office of the Provost's: Assessment Resources

TracDat User Guide

Guide for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment

TracDat Training Classes

  • Classes are offered through the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office.
  • CTL and COLA will send class/training information to all TracDat contacts as it becomes available.  Contact Jes St. Lawrence if you have questions about classes or for individual instruction.


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  • Questions about compliance for COLA: Hannah McKenna, College of Liberal Arts, 512-471-9209
  • Questions about classes and authorization: Jes St. Lawrence, College of Liberal Arts, 512-232-5922
  • Questions about assessment content: Linda Dickens, Office of the Provost, 512-232-2646

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Last Modified: 18 October 2017