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VPE (Entertainment Payment Voucher)

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Use the VPE for payment to a Vendor or for reimbursing individuals for expenses related to an official event food, beverages (including water), flowers related to an event, greeting cards, and sometimes parking. VPEs should be submitted once the Official Occasion Expense Form (OOEF) for the event has received final approval.

College Entertainment Reimbursement Policy

How It Works

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  1. Process the OOEF as soon as you know the exact expense amount. When the OOEF receives final approval, you are ready to submit the VPE by following the steps below.
  2. Gather Receipts:
    • If you are reimbursing an individual for an event/meal: The individual must turn in an itemized receipt, plus proof of payment. In the event the payee does not have an itemized receipt, please check the box on the CoLA web OOEF, as the University will accept this in lieu of such. In cases where proof of payment is missing (credit card receipt, vendor's receipt showing payment was made in full, bank or credit card statement), please state proof of payment is missing in the Notes field on the OOEF. Per University policy, the VPE coversheet does not need to be signed if proof of payment is provided.
    • If you are paying a vendor: Payments to vendors must also be accompanied by an itemized invoice or receipt in order to receive payment from the University.
    • If you are paying Texas Union Catering:
      • If the expense is $1,000 or less, and you are not using endowment funds, you may choose to have your chair/director ink sign Texas Union Catering IDT's instead of filling out an OOEF. If you are using endowment funds, you must use the OOEF CoLA staff form. Once on the CoLA OOEF page, you can access detailed instructions for completing this form by clicking the “Instructions” link.
      • If the expense is over $1000, you will need to complete a CoLA web OOEF and a VPE. On your e-mail order request to Texas Union Catering, state that if the expense is over $1,000 you would like to receive a bill to be paid on a VPE document, and include your fax number. The Aramark representative will send you the bill. You can then create a CoLA web OOEF, which will automatically route to Chief Business Officer Kimberly Biar for electronic approval.
      • To maintain a good relationship with Texas Union Catering, process the VPE document immediately upon approval of the OOEF and receipt of the invoice; the requested payment date to Aramark should be within a week from the VPE creation date, otherwise you may run the risk of being charged interest.
      • If you are using endowment funds to pay for the Texas Union Catering event, no matter what the amount, you must process CoLA web OOEFs and TUC payments must be made with VPE documents from the invoice rather than as an IDT. Also, when you are using endowment funds please be sure that your e-mail order includes a request for an invoice.
  3. Create the VPE: Once the OOEF has received final approval, create the VPE in DEFINE.
    • If you are submitting a VPE for payment to a vendor, pay attention to the payment due date on the invoice. On the VPE, enter a “request payment” date that is 3-5 days before the payment due date.
    • See the Tips for additional pointers about filling out the VPE.
  4. Attach Receipts/Invoices: Refer to The Office of Accounting’s Voucher Processing Handbook for document prep guidelines. In particular, note that:
    • All receipts must be on a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Tape small receipts to a blank sheet of paper; tape on all four sides of the receipt without taping on top of the amount(s) or other pertinent information detailing what was purchased, how it was paid, and who the vendor is/was. DO NOT STAPLE RECEIPTS.
    • Scanned images of receipts may be printed and provided with the voucher paperwork.
  5. Routing: If you are using endowment funds, the VPE will automatically route to the Dean’s Office for approval, and then to OA. If you are using department funds, the VPE will route to your chair/director for final approval, and then to OA. In this case, the VPE should NOT be forwarded to the Dean's Office (electronically or physically).


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Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.


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Questions about the CoLA online OOEF and/or the VPE should be directed as follows:

Please direct comments on the Procedures Guide to

Tips or FAQs

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  • Please put the OOEF number in the PO line of VPE docs. Because you are including this information in the PO line, you do not also need to include it in section 3. The OOEF number is no longer required in the document notes.
  • Electronic document notes indicating participants, location, etc. on the VPE are NO LONGER REQUIRED. All this information will be included on the OOEF.
  • The document ID provided on the VPE doc must match the document ID on the OOEF.
  • The account number provided on the VPE must match the account number on the OOEF.
  • The amount on the VPE must match the amount on the OOEF (this is why it is best to process OOEFs when you know the exact expenses).
  • The payee on the VPE must match the payee on the OOEF.
  • If you are using an endowment account and the payee is other than the holder of the endowment, please confirm in VPE notes that the holder (include holder’s name) has given permission for or requested this use of their funds. The VPE will not be approved without this note.
  • If one or more of the event participants is a guest, and the guest’s name, current job title, and current institutional affiliation are not already on the OOEF, put this information in the VPE document notes.
  • If you are submitting receipts for items purchased for an event before the day of the event, the dates on the OOEF and the dates on the VPE may not match. This is OK.
  • Make sure you are using the proper codes for check distribution, as specified in the OA handbook re voucher processing (PDF). Use “F” for payments sent to a foreign address, “C” for payments sent to a campus address, “U” for direct deposit & payments sent US mail, “T” for payments accompanied by attachments.
  • Review these guidelines if you are reimbursing for parking expenses.
  • Late Vouchers: Any voucher processed more than 60 days from date of purchase or service must be accompanied by a memo (on departmental letterhead) from the Chair/Director explaining why the voucher is being submitted late. If the voucher is for a reimbursement for the Chair/Director, it must be signed by Chief Business Officer Kimberly Biar which can be scanned and submitted electronically to Michelle Hughes.
  • There may be rare occasions where $65/person will prove to be insufficient for a particular event.  If that is the case, please request an exception, in advance, from Chief Business Officer Kimberly Biar.  Approval of these requests will be granted in only the most compelling of circumstances, and rarely, if ever, will they be approved after-the-fact.

Last Modified: 18 October 2017