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Reimbursing UT Employees for Parking Expenses

NOTE: The following guidelines refer only to reimbursing University employees for parking; if you are reimbursing a visitor for parking, you will need to use a VP2.
  • If the employee is also being reimbursed for a meal, the parking should be reimbursed on a VPE with object code 1347.
  • If the employee is also being reimbursed for conference registration, both can be reimbursed on the same VP2, but use object code 1209 for the parking and 1275 for the registration. The Dean’s Office prefers that conference registration be reimbursed on a VP5 document, but it will be approved on a VP2. In either case, the reimbursement cannot be processed until the conference has ended.
  • If the employee is also being reimbursed for travel expenses related to an RTA/VE5, the parking should be reimbursed on a VP5 with the other expenses.
  • If you are reimbursing an employee for parking in Austin, you may use a VP2 if ALL the following conditions are met:
    • The meeting occurs in the Austin-Metro area.
    • The only reimbursement requested is for parking.
    • The employee is away from campus for less than 4 hours. (If the employee is away from campus for more than 4 hours, a VE5 is required).
  • No reimbursements or payments for employee parking on the same campus as the place of employment will be approved.
    • For example, if the employee works on the main UT Austin campus, reimbursement for parking, payment of monthly parking fees, or use of pre-paid parking cards will not be allowed.  If the employee attends a meeting at UT System or at the Pickle Campus, parking may be reimbursed.
  • Anytime you are reimbursing an employee for parking on a VP2, the following must be typed in the NOTES section of the VP2:
    • Purpose of Travel
    • Benefit to UT
    • Destination
    • The statement “Please type RMB in the PURPOSE field of the VP2”
    • The object code must be 1209, Travel-In-State – Parking Fees
    • The account number must be a -75 sub (for all state accounts and those local accounts that have a -75 sub, or a local account that allows the 1209 employee parking reimbursement object codes)
  • If you are reimbursing an employee for parking at the UT Club or the AT&T Conference Center, the following rules apply:
    • Parking at the AT&T Conference Center must be reimbursed using a VP2 following the guidelines outlined above because the AT&T Center is considered off-campus due to its address & location. Use object code 1209 unless the parking is in addition to payment or reimbursement for a meal for the same event. If the latter is the case, the parking should be reimbursed on a VPE with object code 1324. 1324 is for conference, seminar, workshop, colloquium, and symposium entertainment expenses.
    • Parking at the UT Club (Memorial Stadium; located at 2108 E. Robert Dedman Dr.) must be paid on a VPE document using object code 1347- entertainment expense, and OOEF guidelines must be followed because the UT Club is on campus.


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Last Modified: 2 August 2017