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Modified Instructional Duties (MID)

Tenure-track and other full-time faculty members may request modified instructional duties (MID) for one semester when certain personal circumstances prevent them from being able to perform their classroom teaching duties, and when such modifications are found to be in the interest of the University's instructional programs. MID is not a leave, does not affect the probationary clock, and replaces the faculty member's classroom teaching duties only with an alternative work assignment in compliance with the equivalencies set out in HOP 2-2240 Modified Instructional Duties

Where justified, a faculty member on tenure track may make a separate request for an extension of the probationary period.

How It Works

  1. The faculty member writes a request to his/her chair.
  2. The chair will forward the request along with an accompanying memo of support to the dean, c/o COLA HR.
  3. The dean then sends the provost a memo of support along with the chair's letter and the requesting faculty's original letter.
  4. The provost replies to the dean, and the dean notifies the department.
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Tips or FAQs

  • If the requesting faculty is tenure track, they should either include a request for an extension of the probationary period due to this period of time when productivity and advancement of scholarly research will be disadvantaged, or they should note that they are NOT requesting an extension of the probationary period.

Last Modified: 10 September 2014