College of Liberal Arts

Summer Insurance Coverage for Faculty

If you are a benefits eligible faculty member appointed to work on a nine-month basis and you worked during the spring semester (January 16 through May 31), you may be eligible for insurance coverage for the summer months of June, July and August. You'll get detailed information about summer coverage by e-mail in April.

The university will contribute its portion of premiums (premium sharing) to your summer insurance coverage.  This means that the cost of your summer coverage is the same as the rest of the year.  Any out-of-pocket costs you have for summer coverage will automatically be deducted from your June 1 paycheck. (To figure out this amount, go to "My Insurance Benefits", choose "My Benefit Costs", and multiply your monthly cost times four.) This means you'll prepay for your summer insurance coverage from your June 1 paycheck.

Annual Enrollment

Regardless of summer employment or not, all employees who remain benefits eligible during the summer months should participate in Annual Enrollment. Annual Enrollment occurs July 1-31 of each year and is your opportunity to make insurance plan and coverage changes for the upcoming plan year, which begins September 1 and continues through the following August 31.

Please review the Annual Enrollment Web site each year to ensure you stay up-to-date and take any needed action. You will also receive important information about Annual Enrollment by e-mail during June and July.




Last Modified: 17 February 2020