College of Liberal Arts

Endowed Faculty Fellowship Procedure

These guidelines apply to faculty endowments, which include: Chairs, Professorships, Fellowships, Lectureships, and Visiting Professorships. They do not apply to endowments designated for program support or scholarships. This process recognizes faculty and provides a report of recipients to UT System, Central Development, and our donors.  All UT Austin’s fully funded faculty endowments are reviewed for this requirement.

Who needs to be nominated as a fellow?

  • Faculty receiving departmental endowment funds on a PAR (endowment commitments are found in Section 1 and 2
  • Faculty who are benefiting from endowment funds (travel funds, research support, salary, etc.) including any carryover funding from previous years
  • Chair or Director of a unit utilizing endowed funds for programmatic purposes and the endowment does not have a holder

Process for nomination:

  1. Fill out the  “CoLA Fellows Request Form” Excel worksheet (example in second tab)
  2. Include each faculty member receiving endowment support
  3. Include requests only for the current fiscal year; funding commitments over multiple fiscal years will need to be submitted separately each year
  4. Recipient Type is either Fellow or Holder
    • Fellow – temporary support
    • Holder – if the endowment is a “teaching fellowship”
  5. If type of support is a salary supplement, list amount in SUPLT column and enter “salary supplement” in COMMENTS column
  6. For all other support, list amount and description of support in the COMMENTS column
  7. Submit signed PDF form and Excel file to:
  8. Request will be sent to Dean Diehl for approval
  9. Once approved, our office will send a letter via email to your new fellows and copy the Senior Staff member and Chair or Director
  10. Units requesting nominations are responsible for the following (if applicable):
    • Request new sub accounts through Emily Bailey
    • Funds transfer
    • Process HRMS assignment


  1. Fill out “CoLA Fellows Request Form” with information of initial request for fellow you want to cancel
  2. Add “CANCELLATION” in comments section
  3. Submit signed PDF form and Excel file to:

Note: XLS files require Excel Viewer.


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Last Modified: 11 December 2014