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Faculty Leave of Absence or Release from Instructional Budget

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If a faculty member within the College of Liberal Arts (CoLA) will not be paid from his/her department's Faculty Salaries account, for any period of time, he/she must request a leave or release from the instructional budget.

Requesting leave is NOT necessary under the following circumstances:

  • Accrued sick leave or sick leave pool is being taken. In this case, the Dean’s Office should be contacted and made aware of the need for a faculty member taking sick leave. Additional information on using Sick Leave.
  • When ONLY a College Research Fellowship has been awarded. In this situation, the faculty member will simply remain on the instructional budget as though he/she were teaching as usual. Provisions are made on the Teaching Load Credit report for these special appointments.
  • A Special Faculty Assignment has been granted by the provost/president. These appointments are handled like College Research Fellowships (above).
  • A UT administrative appointment will pay all or part of a faculty member’s salary. For example, appointments as dean, associate dean, director, vice president, etc. do not require requesting a leave. Approval for this type of leave from the instructional budget is implied with the approval of such an appointment.
  • Leave is taken during the summer months.
  • A faculty member will be paid by another department faculty salaries account where he/she holds an appointment. In this case, both units should simply prepare the necessary electronic document to effect the appointment.
  • Jury Duty
  • Official travel for research, teaching, administrative, official State business, military leave (up to 15 days per year) If all appropriate travel approvals have been secured in a timely manner.

How It Works

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  1. In the event that the situations above do not apply OR ARE COMBINED with other leave details such as leave without pay or release funded by an external source, the Faculty Request for Leave form must be completed for the faculty member using the line-by-line instructions outlined here.

    The form should be typewritten, signed and dated, and submitted to the chair of the faculty member’s primary department. If the faculty member has appointments in multiple departments, each concerned chair will have to review and approve the request. Once faculty member and chair approval is granted by signatures on the fully completed request form, the official form must be submitted to the CoLA Dean’s Office. Deadlines for submitting leave requests to the Dean’s Office are: early April for all Faculty Research Assignment (FRA) accepted for the next academic year; early May for long session or fall only leave; and late October for spring only leaves.

    NOTE: If a leave request is submitted after the university deadlines, you will need to provide reason/justification for the delayed request.

    NOTE: If you are processing a leave request for a faculty member accepting an FRA, you will need to turn in the faculty member’s FRA Acceptance form together with the Faculty Request for Leave form.

    When considering leave requests, chairs should consider impact on course scheduling and availability for students and advise Associate Dean for Academic Affairs if there are problems. You should not forward a leave request to the Dean’s Office until curricular issues are resolved.

  2. Chair/department submits fully completed and signed Faculty Request for Leave form [and FRA Acceptance form, as applicable] directly to Brewer Cindy within the CoLA Dean’s Office. Form reviewed for completion and compliance.
  3. Dean reviews Faculty Request for Leave form [and FRA Acceptance form, as applicable]. If approved by the dean, the Faculty Request for Leave will be forwarded to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost [and the FRA Acceptance to the Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies, as applicable].
  4. Official approval granted or denied. Once the provost approves the leave, the request form will be signed and it is considered to have final approval. The form will then be returned to the Dean's Office and a scanned copy sent to the department senior staff contact.  The department staff contact is then responsible for informing the department chair and the faculty member of the approval.  If the leave is denied, the Dean's Office will be in direct contact with the department chair.
  5. Senior staff administrator prepares the necessary documents to place the faculty member on leave.Consult reminders for Processing Leaves in Faculty Appointment Documents.


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Tips or FAQs

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Course Buyouts

UT Austin allows faculty to devote 25% time during the academic year to grants work and 100% time during the summer months. Course buyouts or approved leave of absence are required when academic research time exceeds 25%, and/or the faculty member is scheduled to teach summer courses;

    • 1 course buyout per academic year semester = 33.33% x salary (1/6 annual salary) per academic year or 16.67% per semester
    • 2 course buyouts or if buying out the only course you teach = 66.67% times x salary (2/6 annual salary) per academic year or 33.33% per semester


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Last Modified: 6 November 2014