College of Liberal Arts

Instructions for the Faculty Request for Leave Form

Faculty Leave Forms

Line 1. Positions.
Include all primary and joint positions, even if from multiple colleges. Note: Position ID’s can be provided by a department administrator.

Line 2. Leave Type.
Choose up to two types per form, if applicable. Additional forms may be submitted if necessary.

  • Leave - Academic: Previously known as Leave Without Pay (LWOP): Funding not paid/administered through the university.
    • Unpaid, full-time leave for 30 days or longer in duration;
    • Must be academic in nature (the faculty member is performing duties consistent with those of their position at the University - teaching, research, or service related).
  • Unpaid Time Off is used when the leave meets ANY of the following conditions:
    • is less than 30 days in duration (or is intermittent);
    • is for partial days (less than full time);
    • is for personal reasons.
  • Release Time (RT)
    • Release from the instructional budget using funds administered through the university.

Calculate Scheduled Weekly Hours (SWHs) to two decimal places. These are the number of hours per week the faculty member will be on leave.

  • If a faculty member has 40 SWH and will be on leave full time (100%), the value entered should be 40.
  • If a faculty member has 40 SWH and will be on leave two-thirds time (66.65%), the value entered should be 26.65.
  • You can use the FTE/Hours Calculator at the top right of the Job Costing Tool to assist with calculating hours. 


Line 2a. Leave Reason.
Check all boxes that apply.

  • Research, Scholarship, Creative Works – e.g. grant research, college research fellowship, writing a book, etc.
  • Visiting Faculty – e.g. Faculty teaching at another university; might/might not be part of a formalized Visiting Faculty Agreement.
  • Professional Activities – e.g. Serving as Director of XYZ Institute.
  • Personal – Do not include specific details on leave form.

Line 2b. Project Title or Subject.
Provide the name or subject matter of project you will be involved with while on leave (if applicable).

Line 2c. Description of Activity.
Provide a brief description of activities to be conducted during leave period. e.g. Conduct research related to work on book.

Line 2d. Source of Leave Stipend.
Include source of funding for the entirety of the leave broken down by percentage. Include account number(s), if known, for Release Time requests. If an external organization/institution is paying the faculty member directly then that organization's name should be noted. Personal Funds should be noted in cases where a faculty member’s own funds are being used.

Example 1
Leave-Academic (100%): Guggenheim Foundation 75%, personal funds 25%
Example 2
RT (50%): National Science Foundation 25% (26-XXXX-XXXX), National Institutes of Health 25% (26-XXXX-XXXX)

Line 2e. Work Location.
Include international and/or domestic location(s); do not use abbreviations.

Line 3. Benefit to the University.
Include a brief description of why the leave is in the best interest of the university and how it will improve your teaching and scholarship. e.g. Will bring prestige to the university and new ideas and concepts to the classroom.

Line 4a. Length of Service.
Provide the number of years of faculty service at UT Austin.

Line 4b. Previous Leave(s).
Include the dates for all LWOP and RT leaves taken within the past five years.

Line 5a. Teaching Arrangements.
List the class(es) that will not be taught and describe how each will be handled. e.g. Class(es) will be canceled, taught in another semester, or taught by another faculty member (provide name).

Line 5b. Instructional and Service-Related Activities.
Describe the instructional and service-related activities that the faculty member will still be responsible for during the leave period. e.g. Supervision of graduate students, individual instruction courses, course development, advising, serving on budget councils and departmental committees. Indicate "None" if not applicable.

Line 5c and 5d. Active Research.
If the faculty member is currently engaged in sponsored research, answer "Yes" to question 5c and select and answer for 5d; if the faculty member is NOT currently engaged in sponsored research, answer "No" to question 5c and skip question 5d.

Line 6. Salary Supplement.
Individuals on leave without pay for personal reasons may not continue to receive their supplement during the period of leave. The dean's office should provide instructions for handling the supplement, if applicable.

REQUESTOR: The faculty member requesting leave must sign this form. If he/she is unavailable, attach a copy of an e-mail or letter wherein he/she indicates that he/she is requesting the leave as it is outlined on the form.
DEPARTMENT CHAIR: Signature by departmental chair. Chairs of all departments where the faculty member holds a paid appointment must sign the same form if the leave will be distributed among current appointments. There is enough room to add lines manually. Contact the other department(s) involved to coordinate the processing of the form.

Upload fully completed and signed Faculty Request of Leave form here:


Last Modified: November 19, 2020