College of Liberal Arts

Faculty Leaves: Additional Information

Requesting leave is NOT necessary under the following circumstances:

Sick Leave: No leave is required is accrued sick leave or sick leave pool is being taken. In this case, the Dean’s Office should be contacted and made aware of the need for a faculty member taking sick leave. Additional information on using Sick Leave.

College Research Fellowship (CRF)When ONLY a College Research Fellowship has been awarded. In this situation, the faculty member will simply remain on the instructional budget as though he/she were teaching as usual. Provisions are made on the Teaching Load Credit report for these special appointments.

Special Faculty Assignment (SFA): A Special Faculty Assignment has been granted by the provost/president. These appointments are handled like College Research Fellowships (above).

UT Administrative Appointment: A UT administrative appointment will pay all or part of a faculty member’s salary. For example, appointments as dean, associate dean, director, vice president, etc. do not require requesting a leave. Approval for this type of leave from the instructional budget is implied with the approval of such an appointment.

Summer Months: Leave is taken during the summer months.

Another UT Faculty Salary: A faculty member will be paid by another department faculty salaries account where he/she holds an appointment. In this case, both units should simply prepare the necessary electronic document to effect the appointment so that it does not exceed 40 scheduled weekly hours.

Jury Duty: No leave is required for faculty on Jury Duty, but the Dean's Office should be made aware if they will be away for an extended period.

Official Travel: Official travel for research, teaching, administrative, official State business, military leave (up to 15 days per year) if all appropriate travel approvals have been secured in a timely manner.