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Creating a PAR for a Courtesy Position

A courtesy position establishes a professional relationship between a faculty member and an academic department or center, in addition to (and separate from) his or her primary position. This position is without funding.

A faculty member must already have a primary position in another academic unit, or one in process in order to create a courtesy position.  The only items needed for the Courtesy PAR are an updated CV and the draft offer letter as most of the paperwork will already be on file.

How it Works

Create a new PAR document using the appropriate document type (FPN, FPT, FPR) by typing “NEW” in the action field.

On the first screen, enter the Instructional Unit, Job Code, Fiscal Year, then verify that the UT EID is correct.

Creat a document


The first screen will be the blank PAR Summary.

Section 1, Position Information

  • Tenure: Depending on the document type, enter the tenure status: NT, TT or TN.
  • Assignment Dates: Enter the beginning Assignment Date: MM DD YY, the end date should be 99 99 99
  • Percent Time: Enter the Percent time as: 0.00                               

Press ENTER to continue

Position Information


Section 3, Biographical Information

 Most Position Information will auto-populate based on the existing information.

  • Ethnicity and Race: Follow the usual Guidelines.
  • Degree Information: Clear the moreable to open the Degree information (See how to enter degrees).  This information may be auto-populated but should be verified.
  • Previous Affiliation and Contact Information: Enter the current Primary position information

                         Press ENTER to continue

Biographical Information

Section 7, Offer Status

  • Job Posting Number: No job posting is necessary for Courtesy Positions; enter N/A in the Job Posting field.
  • Supporting Documentation: Should consist of CV and Draft offer letter; all other items should be marked as either (N) not applicable or (Y) on file.
  • English Proficiency:Should match the designation of this candidate's English proficiency by the chair or other appropriate academic officer on the Primary Language Determination Form

                                    Press ENTER to continue

Offer Status


Once the document has been completed, print (PRT) the PAR document and put the packet together with the PAR cover document on top, followed by the CV, then the DRAFT offer letter.  Once the Chair/Director signs the PAR cover document, please forward both the hardcopy of the packet to the Dean's office then email a PDF of the full PAR packet, along with the Word version of the draft offer letter to Cindy at:


Last Modified: 27 May 2018