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The Dean's Office has created a web-based system to allow departments to request job offers electronically. This system includes Counteroffers, Preemptive Offers, and New Hires. This web interface replaces the back and forth e-mail exchanges negotiating offers with the Dean's Office and in addition will provide a repository for the data. The system is designed to help both department and the Dean's Office streamline procedures involving faculty offers. You can login to the system at the following link, using your UTEID and password.

Faculty Offers Database

Upon successful login, you will be taken to a List View of all Job Offer records for your department. Your list will contain a sample record that has been created for you. Clicking the Job Offer ID number from the list view will take you to the detail page for that record.

How it Works

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  1. Enter job offer details requiring pre-approval. Once you are ready to negotiate a Job Offer, you can Edit the sample record, or create a New record and complete the Offer details requiring pre-approval listed below:
    • *FY Effective*: Select the appropriate fiscal year of the beginning appointment date.
    • *Recruiting ID*: Enter the Faculty Recruiting ID number (from approved Faculty Recruiting record) for New Hires only.
    • *Faculty EID*: Enter UT EID (if applicable, for Preemptive/Counteroffers), or N/A (for New Hires)
    • *Name*: Enter Faculty Name
    • *Faculty Rank*: Select Current Rank (for Preemptives/Couteroffers), or Proposed Rank (for New Hires)
    • *Offer Type*: Select offer type
    • *Current/Offering Institution*: Enter Current Institution (current employer for New Hires), or Offering Institution name (for Preemptives/Counteroffers)
    • *Proposed Start Date:* Enter the beginning appointment date (MM/DD/YY format)
      On the bottom, tabbed section of the page, you will need to enter specific job offer details:

      Line Items
      • Commitment: *Select commitment type from list.
      • *PAR Category*: No input required. This field will auto-complete based on your selection of Commitment Type.
      • *Source*: Select source of funding for the commitment type.
      • *Effective Date*: Enter the effective start date of this commitment (MM/DD/YY format).
      • *Expires*: Enter the effective end date of this commitment (MM/DD/YY format).
      • *Amount*: Enter the amount of the commitment.
      • *Recurring*: Select Y or N to indicate if this is a recurring commitment.
      Line Item Description:
      • *If you would like to enter additional details for each commitment line, you can enter an additional description in the box provided for each line item. The rows are numbered and correspond to the existing Line Items.
      Current Employment:
      • *Enter existing current employment details (include similar information entered in the Line Items section) from the current institution.
      • *There is also a document portal to allow you to upload up to three pdf documents (*copy of outside offer*, current cv or other documents needed for justification).
      Notes: *Enter any additional notes or justification as necessary.
  2. Submit offer details for approval. After completing your data entry, click the SUBMIT button at the top of the page. The dean will approve, require changes, or deny each line item individually. If changes are required, the document will be returned, and you will receive email notification of the necessary changes.
  3. Receive final approval. You will receive an e-mail notification indicating the job offer has been approved. No changes are permitted after final approval.



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Tips or FAQs

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  • What’s the web site?
  • What is my password?
    • Please use your UTEID and password.
  • What if I am unable to login using my UTEID and password?

Last Modified: 30 August, 2019