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Identifying and Interviewing the Candidate

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  1. Manage applicant files. The departmental staff administrator should create a database or track, minimally, each applicant’s gender, ethnicity and other data as requested by your department. This information will be required for completing the annual Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Report, and the Applicant Pool Statistics Table that is part of the Appointment Process Summary. Data is to be collected separately for each search. The University requires that these records be kept for three years after the date of the hiring decision per the UT Records Retention Schedule.
  2. Select candidates. Departments establish their own traditions and procedures in selecting candidates for closer review, and should document those procedures for their internal use. These internal procedures should be available for review by the dean or administration upon request. It is essential that the criteria described in the ad be considered so as to ensure that candidates invited to interview meet those criteria.
  3. Interview candidates. After departments have identified viable candidates, schedule them for campus interviews. The department is responsible for all recruiting expenses. Possible sources include MO&E, gift, endowment or other appropriate sources available to the department. Department chairs or directors must identify funding for a recruiting effort prior to beginning the search.
    All interviews must have taken place prior to the preparation of the PAR.
    Who conducts interviews for:
    • Tenure-track positions. All candidates for tenure-track positions must be interviewed by faculty in the department, as well as by an associate dean in the college. Departments have been divided up to help ensure an equal distribution; please consult the list here to see which associate dean will be meeting with your candidates this year.
    • Tenured positions. All candidates for tenured positions must be interviewed by faculty in the department as well as the appropriate associate dean in the college. However, ALL full professor and endowed chair positions should meet with Dean Stevens. If Dean Stevens is unavailable, an associate dean is acceptable.”
    • Non-tenured (temporary) positions. Candidates for non-tenured positions should be interviewed by the department chair. College level interviews are not required for non-tenured faculty.
    What Interviewers Need:
    At least one day before the day of the interview, forward the following to the interviewer:
    • Copy of the candidate’s vita (which must be current, and must include all academic degree information such as kind of degree, date awarded and name of degree granting institution. The vita should be in English.)
  4. Once all interviews are complete and a final candidate has been selected, you are ready to create the PAR packet.


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Last Modified: 30 August, 2019