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What You’ll Need to Complete the PAR Request Packet

For previous (employed at UT in a faculty title within the past 3 years) or current hires, you do not need to re-send supplementary materials. Just attach a current copy of the vita.

Combine each item of the PAR packet in the correct order (as listed below) into ONE PDF. Send one copy of the complete PAR PDF and one copy of the offer letter in Word format to Sally Dickson and Cindy Brewer.

NOTE: For tenure-track or tenured hires, use the Faculty Offers Database (log in required) to submit funding commitments for approval instead of attaching documentation to the PAR packet. You do still need to attach documentation of any approvals for funding commitments that come from outside the College of Liberal Arts.


Items Required for Non-Tenured Hire:

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  • Non-Tenured PAR Checklist
  • Electronic PAR with signature(s)
  • Vita
  • Reference Letters (minimum of three with one from an outside source)*
  • Primary Language Determination Forms: Include Attachment A for native English speakers and also Attachment C and D for non-native English speakers. Attachment D requires Chair's signature.
  • Posting Waiver Request (PDF) in the event the position was not posted due to dual career hire, etc. 
  • EEO Form from Interfolio
  • Job Posting(s) (copies of all postings including a print out of the posting on ByCommittee Interfolio). If you are hiring an NTT at 0% or they are not being paid, you do not have to provide an EEO Form or a job posting.
  • Back up documentation/approval for funding commitments (if applicable). Approval in the Faculty Offers Database will suffice for documentation of CoLA Dean’s Office commitments. Backup documentation for non-CoLA commitments will often be in the form of an e-mail exchange between your chair and the other unit, college, or department.
  • Draft Offer Letter (consult the Sample Offer Letters which were updated in Spring 2019)

Items Required for Tenure-Track Hire:

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Items Required for Tenured Hire:

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Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. DOC files require Microsoft Viewer.


*Reference Letters for Non-Tenure Hires: If the new hire has been at UT in another position for five years or more, you may request that all three letters be internal. To do so, send and e-mail with a copy of their cv to Sally Dickson, Sally.Dickson@austin.utexas,edu, who will forward the request to the Provost's Office and reply as soon as a decision is given.

**Job Posting and EEO Form for Non-Tenured Hires: 



Last Modified: 10 November 2020