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Ads may be placed once the department has received the dean’s final approval to recruit.

How it Works

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  1. Create the Ad. Individual ads are not required for each temporary faculty position. The ongoing non-tenured pooled position on Fac Web will suffice. However, each approved tenured/tenure-track position should have a separate external job posting. All ads for tenured/tenure-track faculty must address the issues below.
    • Area of expertise
    • Job title or titles (Assistant Professor/Instructor, Associate Professor and/or Professor). If approved by the dean, you may advertise for more than one (or all) ranks. In this case it must be stated that the title will be commensurate to qualifications and/or experience.
    • Duties to be performed (list all that apply, such as undergraduate and graduate teaching, research, service, etc.). This sets clear standards for performance and expectations of incoming faculty early on.
    • PhD in hand or near completion. If PhD candidates will be considered, the ad must state, "PhD or satisfactory progress toward completion of requirement for a doctoral degree is required."
    • Demonstrated evidence of teaching and research excellence or potential for same high quality publications/research productivity, etc.
    • The ad must indicate the specific information and documents necessary to apply, such as a current vita, evidence of research, letters of recommendation, etc.
    • The ad must indicate that The University of Texas at Austin is an AA/EEO employer. There should be no reference to targeting a certain gender or ethnic group, as this would run contrary to our being an AA/EEO employer.

      Please keep in mind that it is essential for each element of the ad to be an exact match with the successful candidate’s qualifications. For example, we cannot hire a full Professor if we advertised for an Assistant; we cannot hire in one field when another was advertised; we cannot require a PhD and then hire someone who does not have it in hand. Later in the process, when we are defending our choice in the Appointment Process Summary the requirements listed in the ad must match the qualifications of the successful applicant. This is especially important should the successful applicant need to apply for alien labor certification, and you are then required to demonstrate that no U.S. citizen who met even the minimum requirements described in the ad has applied for the position.

  1. Post and Place the Ad. All faculty positions need to be posted at and a job posting identifier must be included in all PARs. The only exceptions are faculty members appointed at 0% time, those appointed in a Visiting Professor title and those individuals for whom a posting waiver has been approved.

    In addition to posting on the UT site:

    • Ads must be placed in publications or journals in line with the area for which the hiring department is recruiting, and/or a general academic periodical.
    • For ongoing, temporary positions, you will need to keep active, a non-tenured pooled position for the full academic year. Each year you will create a new posting based on the previous year's posting,.These ongoing positions will automatically expire on August 31 of each year. Click here for a sample ad for an ongoing non-tenured pooled position (PDF)


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  • Interfolio - ByCommittee
  • Sample Ads:
    • Ongoing Non-Tenured, pooled position (PDF)
    • Specific Non-Tenured position (PDF)
    • Specific T/TT position (PDF)
    • Ongoing T/TT position (PDF)

(Interfolio - ByCommittee samples coming soon)


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Tips or FAQs

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  • If your department is recruiting among international faculty for whom Permanent Residency status may be a concern, you must place a print ad and/or post an ad online for a minimum of 30 days. The U.S. Department of Labor has provided a "beneficial optional process for "College and university teachers" seeking Permanent Residence, which is a less rigorous process than it would be otherwise. However, the Department of Labor requires that the employer must have placed one print ad in a national professional journal. Details can be found on the International Office's web site.
  • Non-Tenure Track Faculty Pool posting should be based on the previous year's ad, update the dates appropriately.

Last Modified: 31 August, 2015