College of Liberal Arts

Recruiting Tenured or Tenure-Track Faculty

How it Works

  1. Get initial approval to recruit. After reviewing the college’s financial ability and academic priorities, the dean will send an e-mail to the department chair/director authorizing each department’s search(es).
  2. At this point, the chair or director should familiarize themselves with the requirements of the Appointment Process Summary to ensure that the entire recruiting process from beginning to end meets all College of Liberal Arts and University rules and regulations.
  3. Formalize request. The Dean’s Office will create a shell record in the CoLA Faculty Recruitment Detail database (FRD) once the dean has authorized the search. The record will include the department, title and max approved salary. At this point, the department enters the job posting and other needed information (including what courses will be taught by this position and the location of the faculty member’s office) into the FRD for final review/approval. You will need to log into the FRD with the Account Name and Password for Filemaker Pro provided for your department by David Macha in the Dean’s Office.
  4. Get final approval to recruit. The Dean’s Office will review the FRD request, making sure that the job posting lists specific criteria and meets all UT policy requirements. Once the FRD request has been updated as “Approved,” the database will send a notification e-mail to the department contact.
  5. You are now ready to post and advertise the position. All standard faculty positions should be advertised on Interfolio ByCommittee with the initial status set to Accepting Applications. Once the posting is entered in the ByCommittee form, please Submit for Approval to notify the dean's office of the pending ad. Upon approval, you will receive a notification email and can proceed with posting in external, discipline-specific journals or sites, using the Applicant Instructions found in ByCommittee's Internal Notes section.

For a hire with Tenure:

  1. Once a successful candidate has been identified the following information should be submitted to Associate Dean Steven Hoelscher for Provost Office pre-approval. This is a new step in the hiring process for all hires at the associate and full professor level:
    • Current CV of the candidate
    • Brief description of the recruitment/identification/finalist process and rationale for selecting this finalist above others.
    • Brief summary of the candidate’s research area and why it is important to the department/college.
    • If applicable, request for fast-track approval in the rare case where the candidate’s record is unusually outstanding (e.g. Nobel Prize/Pulitzer Prize, prestigious national academy member).
    • According to the provost, negotiations may continue while the pre-review process is taking place.
    • Questions identified in the pre-review process must be clearly addressed in the Prior Approval Request (PAR).
  2. The dean's office will arrange a vote of three Ad Hoc P&T Committee members and will notify the department of the outcome. 
  3. If the vote from the P&T committee is favorable, complete the PAR process.


Last Modified: 7 April 2021