College of Liberal Arts

Teaching Assessment Guidelines

This document should be on your letterhead and signed by the Chair/Director.

These assessments should cover two aspects of a potential faculty member's contribution to the teaching capacity of this institution.

1. What courses is this person likely to teach over the next three years?  How does this enhance programmatic priorities of the department and college?

2. What evidence do you rely on when assessing whether the faculty member being recruited would teach students, graduate and undergraduate alike, at a very high level of effectiveness? 

Here, you might refer to such things as:  Sessions recruit had with students during visit, and how students responded; your sense, taken from conversations with the recruit, that he or she is committed to the teaching enterprise; letters of recommendation; awards won; formal evaluations of classes taught; record of former student accomplishments.   While any single indicator might not yield a complete picture, several taken together will get us closer.


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Last Modified: September 14 2009